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Access Your Vehicle from
Virtually Anywhere

Ford Remote Access iPhone App

Start it from baggage claim, lock it from the movie theater,
find it in a parking lot.Send any Remote Access command
from virtually anywhere in the world1.

1App can be used from any location with a Wi-Fi® or cellular
data signal; vehicle MUST be located in area with an adequate cellular data signal

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Check to see if your 2011 & newer vehicle is compatible.

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What is Remote Access?

Remote Access gives you the ability to Start, Lock, Unlock, Find/locate your vehicle in a crowded parking lot by initiating vehicle light flash and horn honk via your smartphone, tablet or computer. Optional security features can text/e-mail you if the vehicle is tampered with and the system is triggered.

Receive Theft Notifications via text and/or email – Lets you know that your vehicle is being tampered with!!

iPhone Ford Remote Access App

What do I need to make it work?

You need specific dealer-installed hardware in your vehicle2. You also need the Remote Access app on your phone – it’s free! Finally, you need to activate a Remote Access account – $49 per year3.

Make It Work On Your Vehicle

Where does it work?

The Remote Access device in your vehicle must be located in an area with 3G or 4G cellular data coverage. See coverage map. Remote Access will work throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Coverage Map

Only from remote control activated Remote Access system – CONVERTIBILITY4.

What is it? It's the ability to convert to a long-range (up to 1,200 ft) remote to the system for remote start activation. The long-range remote can be used instead of your smartphone. So at the end of your service term ($49/year), you have a choice – continued Remote Access functionality or convert your system to a remote control activated remote start and security system. The choice is yours!

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