DEMO | Click on the simulation below to get a quick feel for the Remote Access Application.
How the App works:
  • Click or touch any of the command buttons.
  • The button flashes blue to indicate the signal is being sent.
  • The button flashes green and vibrates to indicate the command is received and that the vehicle performed the command.
  • While this demonstration shows a single 15-minute time block, the App will allow you to extend the vehicle remote start run time1 by simply touching the Start button again after it starts.

To fully experience the interactivity, download the Ford Remote Access App from either the iTunes store or Google Play.



Convert your Remote Access system to use either a 1-way or Bi-directional long-range remote control2 instead of your smart phone.


Can't remember if you locked your vehicle doors? Simply open your Remote Access app and press the LOCK button. The vehicle doors lock, security system arms, and the Remote Access app confirms that the action was completed – your doors are locked and your vehicle is secure!!


You just exited the mall and you can't remember where you parked. No problem. Open your Remote Access app, press the FIND button – the horn honks (several times) and parking lights flash to help you find your vehicle fast.

Note: This feature activates the vehicle horns and parking lights so that your vehicle can be easily located via sight and sound. This feature does not use GPS to locate the vehicle and vehicle location is not displayed on the Remote Access app screen.


It's 10° outside and you're leaving work in 20 minutes. Remote Access lets you start up your vehicle no matter where it's parked!3 Don't have your phone with you? No problem, go to my.fordremoteaccess.com/login, enter your username and password, and start your vehicle using the on screen interface. So easy, so warm, so comfortable!!

Start Timer

The timer lets you see how much run time remains. Run time is set in the vehicle information center. Pressing the START button again extends the preset run time – you get up to 30 minutes of pre-warm or pre-cool time!!

Theft Alert4

The Remote Access system adds the optional Perimeter Plus vehicle security system. The system triggers if vehicle doors are opened or the 2-stage shock/impact sensor is triggered. Once triggered, the Remote Access system will send you a text and/or e-mail which will tell you if a door was opened or the shock sensor was triggered.

Note: Shock/impact sensitivity is adjustable and varies with adjustment level, location of the impact and other factors.

Compatibility Compatibility Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQ

Important Notes:
1. Vehicle run time is established by owner settings in the vehicle Driver Information Center. Maximum number of remote start run cycles and total run time varies by vehicle. See your dealer for details.
2. This feature requires additional dealer-installed components. See your dealer for price and remote options.
3. App can be used from any location with a Wi-Fi® or cellular data signal; vehicle MUST be located in area with an adequate cellular data signal.
4. Security features are optional

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